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 Any of you interested in discount designer things?  My friend sent me an invite to a great website RueLaLa where they have 2 day sales on all kinds of great designer stuff.  Right now it is michael kors clothing and home stuff.  You sign up thru an invite and they let you know whats coming up etc, the next ones are philosophy and vera bradley, movado and Lagos.  My friend said she has gotten awesome deals on Spanx and other things too.  If you wanna join here is my link


Fruff (dog)
Rop (cat, he insists)
Bop (bird)
bye bye
got or got it
Num (food)
shampoo (new one learned today lol)
Gunk (jake)
no no
uh oh
Bayball (baseball)
nomanoms (M&Ms)
AhDa (all done)

And there are more I think, Ill add them when I remember
 Im currently about 1 lb away from my first 20 lbs lost.  its quite an exciting goal.  Technically at this point I have lost more than 20, but its a blurry line from how much I lost right after giving birth to how much Ive lost since ive really started trying and working out...so I just go by the weight I was when I finally decided to get my ass in  gear.

So what did I do to celebrate my goal?  Bust my ass at the gym haha.  Im not doing great with the healthy eating because Im a self proclaimed junk food junkie...but I am trying.  I have been doing fantastic with exercise though.  I have successfully added in about 5-6 hrs a week in exerercise and hope to increase that to 8hrs.

My goal is to lose 20-25 more by the wedding, I hope I don't slip up!
 Is dying at the Ska song about clean-up on Yo Gabba gabba.  I love this show.

Oh and the aquabats on a childrens show?  Full of win
Fruff ( ruff or dog)
Foofah (what he calls kevs mom)
Nana (banana)
Num (means food)
bye bye
Bob (spongebob)
Gup (up)
Clock (sounds more like cock lol)
Gabba (yo gabba gabba, his fave show)
That (inserted before everything haha, thats car, thats num etc)
 and he can kind of say jacob
 I need help and creative thoughts.  My friend Liz and I are thinking of starting our own little wedding related business.  Ideally we would like to start our own planning business...but for now we will start out small.  Our idea, which is not original...but pretty original to our area we think is to start a little business that delivers homemade baked goodies and brunch like things to brides and their bridal parties on their wedding morning as they are preparing for their big day.  Too many brides dont schedule time into thier hectic morning to feed themselves and we all know that is super important...a hungry bride has the potential to turn into a bridezilla haha.  We would provide pretty baskets/displays of fresh fruit, muffins, bagels etc etc and hand deliver them to their house, hotel suite, or venue where they are getting ready.   So we have this cute idea and some decent baking know-how....but we need a name!

Something kinda cutesy and easy to remember, and obv has something to do with weddings...brides...getting married etc etc.

what do you think?  we need help getting this off the ground, but first and foremost we need a name!
Leave me a comment and I'll pick five of your interests for you to expand upon. These are the five that </a></a>lizardwan picked:

1.Bloodhound Gang

While I don't listen to them much anymore, I was rather obsessed with them for quite some time.  I had a huge crush on jimmy pop and Evil Jared.  There was one summer I recall Kevin and I were driving along the canal listening to Hooray for boobies on repeat.  Like I said I'm not into them as much anymore, but I still know every word to every song on One Fierce Beer coaster and Hooray for boobies.

2. Coach

Oy Coach.  What can I say, I like nice bags.  Their bags are great quality and last forever.  I'm not a huge fan of much of their new trendy stuff, but give me a good Coach leather bag and I will use it forever.  

3. Dachshunds

Dachshunds are my favorite dog.  Possibly stemming back to my German Heritage.  We currently have a long haired miniature Dachshund named Fenway frank, the famous fenway frank =)  He is my 3rd child, and is spoiled as hell.  He is a total lap dog and loves to be held, carried, babied you name it.  He sleeps with me every night and follows me in and out of every room in the house.  He is my best friend =)

4. Kayaking

Kayaking is something I do amateurly, and I am quite the amateur haha.  I first kayaked one summer when I was probably 14.  We were in NH at my aunts summer house in jaffrey and they got this awesome pink kayak.  I decided I'd give it a spin and I did pretty good, and didn't tip!  I kept practicing the whole week we were there and by the end of the week I was going all around the lake with no problem.  It was something I did quite religiously the next upcoming summers, but the interest somewhat faded out.  I don't do it much now, maybe once or twice a summer.  I'm not brave enough to do it on the ocean, but maybe someday.  I'd love to own my own Kayak but I have nowhere to store it, and nowhere close enough to use it haha.  I'm trying to convince my dad to get one since he lives on the Merrimac river...but again I'm still a bit nervous to go kayaking in those stronger currents

5. Pez

Pez is awesome, end of story.  My favorite candy =)  I could care less about the dispensers I just enjoy the candy on its own.  My faves are strawberry and grape, with orange coming in close in third. Lemon is ok, I don't love it but I eat it anyways beacause Pez is too good to waste
 Who has a yummy homemade chocolate frosting recipe?  My grandmothers 79th birthday is next week and she wants yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I hate boxed/canned stuff so I want to make it all from scratch.  

Links to good recipes?

 Mama (this doesnt necessarily mean me though, it means whoever will answer him)
Dada (again same as above)
Ruff- what he calls our dog
Got it
Nana- banana
Buh Bye
No-and he shakes his fist too lol
thats- usually paired with something else....thats car, thats ruff
ga- means up...used to be gup....now hes just getting lazy
Bob- spongebob
Mmm- often said after every bite of food
Num num- when hes hungry or eating
Yum- often interchanged with num
nona- his grandmothers dog Nina
and he mimics the sound for Jacob...or the syllables rather.  But he kind of sounds like a little deaf boy when hes saying it, the sounds come from the back of his throat and he doesnt quite move his tounge to make the sounds lol.  its interesting and we are working on an actual jacob

 Ok we picked our honeymoon location!

We are going to Antigua, and we are going to stay at the sandals resort for 6 nights 7 days.  All inclusive for the win! 

We are splurging for a villa instead of a regular room, this room is HAWTSECKS

The image quality is crap, I yanked it off the website.  But either way we have our own villa that is a short distance from the beach.  
Website description
New Mediterranean Village Suite: These spacious 1,400 sq. ft. one bedroom suites feature large plasma televisions in the bedroom and the living room, as well as lush outdoor settings with private plunge pools and Jacuzzis. The bathroom features twin wash basins, a large roman tub and separate shower, all with elegant marble highlights. These suites also have expansive private patios to enjoy spectacular sunset views.

LOVES IT!  Our travel agent has been holding it, and I'm gonna pay the deposit this weekend.  I'm psyched

I want to go now now NOW!   I can't wait.  Im purchasing travelers insurance just incase since we are travelling at the end of hurricane season.  I'm pretty confident we will be ok, but you can never be too sure.

Ahhh so excited, can't contain it.  

In other wedding planning news I booked an awesome violinist this week.  Her name is Faith Pyne and I cannot wait for her to play our wedding.  She does all different styles, so we can incorporate some non traditional music into our ceremony and cocktail hour.  

I order my dress this week, and I'm nervous.  It's a huge purchase for me, and I want to look perfect in it.  I lost an inch and a quarter off of my waist in the last month so I feel pretty good about myself.  I still have another 3 or so inches that I want to lose off my waist, and a good 20-25 lbs.  I think I can do it by October....I'm tryin damn hard.  And plus I need to look fab for Antigua!  I can't wait for cute bathingsuits and sundresses.  

So yeah that was long and rambly, Im all over the place right now =)

Love you all